21st Century D&D


Required food consumption is as follows:

For any day in which a character is occupied in no physical labor, but is at rest, food required is 1 pounds per day. This includes persons who are being transported by ship or wagon, who are taking no part in driving or maneuvering said vehicle.

For a character who is occupied with driving or maneuvering a vehicle, like a ship or wagon, who is riding a horse or walking throughout the day, or who is taking part in physical labor, food required is 2 pounds per day.

For a character who has taken part in battle, regardless of the number of times which they have swung a weapon, or whether or not they have taken damage, food required is 3 pounds on that day.


In addition to food, characters must drink. They must consume 1 gallon (8 pt) of liquid on days where they take part in combat, or half a gallon on days where there is no combat. Note that a belt pouch used as a waterskin will hold a half-gallon of liquid.

Food Spoilage

At this time there are no rules for the spoilage of breads and other grainy foods. The possibility will be explored once the economy system has been fleshed out with more types of food.

Meats will spoil after 3 days.