21st Century D&D

Knowledge Skills

Knowledge skills (also “sage skills”) represent a character’s accumulated learning and expertise pertaining to game world topics and tasks. This learning is assumed to be going on in the background of the game’s events, as the character studies books, swaps information with others, and exercises class abilities.

The character starts with one knowledge skill designated as a specialty. This knowledge skill begins play with 10 points; all other knowledge skills begin with 1d4-1 points (0 is the lowest result.) The difference between a specialty and other knowledge skills is that specialties gain 1d8 points at each level, but others only gain 1d4-1.

The character can designate additional specialties at levels 5 and 10; these newly-designated specialties are immediately eligible to roll the larger die for improvement.

Every time a character reaches a multiple of 10 points in a knowledge skill, they can choose a new talent, which must have a rating equal to or less than the character’s current points for the skill in question. Talents are typically all-or-nothing: if you don’t have it, you are totally unable to perform the activity or call on the knowledge that it represents.