21st Century D&D


Minimum ability scores to be a monk: Strength 12, Dexterity 12, Constitution 12, Wisdom 12.

A monk with Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, and Wisdom all being 15 or higher gains 10% bonus experience points.

Monks cannot use any armor or shields. They can choose proficiencies from the following weapons: quarterstaff, nunchucks, club, dagger, spear, shortsword, javelin, meteor hammer, sickle, and 1 more one-handed weapon of the player’s choice.

Monk level information:

Because there are many monk abilities, their descriptions are split into those which are present at first level, and those which are gained through leveling. The following abilities are all active at first level:

The following abilities are gained as the monk levels up.

  1. It can only be attempted once per week.

  2. The player of the monk must announce the intended victim. The monk must touch that victim within 3 rounds.

  3. The quivering palm cannot affect constructs or undead creatures, but can otherwise affect any living creature.

  4. The victim cannot have more hit dice than the monk. Should this condition be invalid when the intended target is declared, the ability will simply fail to function, and the monk will know instinctively that the enemy is too powerful. This will not waste the usage for the week.

  5. The command to die (which takes no AP, and is a purely mental action) must be given within a certain time limit. This limit is 1 day per level that the monk has when the power is used.

Monks are subject to certain restrictions. These are: