21st Century D&D


These are the general rules for spellcasting. For spell descriptions, see the list of spells.

Casting Spells

Casting requires the spellcaster to speak clearly, in a normal tone of voice, and it requires the use of one hand for gestures. Discharging a spell also requires a free hand. No material components are necessary.

If a spell is reversible, the spellcaster chooses which version to use when they prepare spells. If the spell has multiple applications, the particular application can be chosen at the time of casting the spell.

If the caster is damaged or interrupted while casting, the spell is ruined and wasted.

Once cast, a spell must be discharged in the round after the spell finishes casting, or the spell dissipates and the casting is wasted. The spellcaster can only move 5 feet before discharging the spell, and can’t take other actions until the spell is discharged.

A spellcaster cannot move in a round where he or she is casting.

Preparing Spells

To prepare spells, a caster must meditate or pray (depending on class) for 15 minutes per spell level per spell. Thus, preparing a single 3rd level spell requires 45 minutes of meditation/prayer.

If a spell is reversible, the caster chooses one version when preparing the spell. If the spell can perform one of a variety of functions, the caster picks which function to use at the time of casting.