21st Century D&D


This page gives summary combat information about weapons. To learn whether a given character class can use a particular weapon, visit the page for that class.

For thrown and ranged weapons, the slashed numbers are range increments: short, medium, and long range. For example, short range with a dagger is 2 hexes away or closer, medium range is 3 hexes away, and long range is 4 hexes away. Attacks at medium range take a -2 penalty; attacks at long range take a -5 penalty.

Note that attack rolls with thrown weapons are adjusted by Dexterity and not Strength.

Weapon Name Damage Hands Required Attack Type
bow 1d6 both ranged 12/24/36
club 1d4+1 one melee
dagger 1d4 one melee, thrown 2/3/4
greatsword 1d10 two melee
handaxe 1d4+1 one melee, thrown 4/6/8
halberd 1d8 two melee; hits adjacent targets normally; enemies 2 hexes away are “in melee” and move slower
javelin 1d4+1 one melee, thrown 6/9/12
longsword 1d8 one melee
mace 1d8 one melee
quarterstaff 1d6 two melee
shortsword 1d6 one melee
sling 1d4 (with scavenged ammo, 1d4-1, min 0) one missile 10/16/22
spear 1d6 one melee, thrown 4/7/10
mace 1d8 one melee